John Paul Michalik

John Paul Michalik

John Paul Michalik

City Council District 5

In your opinion, what are the three greatest issues (problems or opportunities) facing Atlanta?

1. Leadership
2. Leadership
3. Leadership.

City hall has some serious ADHD with no Adderall in sight. Look it’s a ferris wheel! A new stadium! A streetcar! Street renaming! Longer bar hours!

Addressing everything but the real issues plaguing our city. If we took the time to focus on the substantive issues it would do wonders.

Describe briefly your qualifications for holding this office

Georgia Tech Graduate: B.S. Industrial Design 1999
Citizen Advocate 10 years.
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What events or experiences caused you to decide to run for this office?

General discontent with how things are being handled at city hall: Parking enforcement contract, new stadium, streetcar, police negligence, centers of hope, public schools.
Replace leadership and chart a new course for success.

Please identify up to five organizations or individuals who are actively supporting your candidacy.

Anyone fed up with the lack of leadership in current administration.

Describe how you think that your candidacy will improve upon what the current officeholder has accomplished in the past.

Gimmicks don’t solve problems, hard work solves problems. I will focus on getting to the root of serious issues and provide feasible solutions.

On difficult votes, how would you manage collaborating with your colleagues on citywide issues versus representing your own constituents?

Communication is key. We are all neighbors and share common goals. We need to work together to get things done.

What is your vision for the city of Atlanta and what can we do to maintain our competitive edge?

I would like to see a city where parents have total confidence in our public school system. A reorganized police force and criminal justice system to keep criminals off the streets. Those are the key nutrients that we are missing to sustain the cycle of life. People are leaving for safer cities with better schools.

In your opinion, what are the three greatest infrastructure problems facing Atlanta over the next four years?

1. Criminal Justice/Prisons
2. Watershed
3. Sidewalks

How would you pay for these improvements?

It is a great misconception that these improvements would cost the city more money. The key is cutting out the inefficiencies and cronyism bloating the current system.

For example sidewalk improvements don’t need to cost 900 million if we have an in-house city sidewalk crew. Currently the city has only 1 small sidewalk repair crew. So no wonder they can’t keep up with the miles and miles of sidewalks that are in the need of repair in the city.

Same goes for the criminal justice system. Federal oversight has the county releasing prisoners due to over crowding. The fact that prosecutors tout a 90% conviction rate is completely inconsequential, when
criminals don’t stay locked up. Police and general public’s moral end up in the toilet. Shame the county into keeping criminals exactly where they belong… in prison. Shaming do not cost a thing.

Watershed follows suit. We pay the highest water bills in the county and what do we have to show for it? Headaches. A grossly mismanaged system riddled with holes. Once management effectively motivates staff problems will dissipate.

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